What is everyone using zapier for currently? What workflows have the app helped you with?

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Right now we use it for form tracking. When a customer fills out a form that information is entered into a google sheet.

When a a duct cleaning is schedule an email is sent from the CSR through zapier with a video link to show what the customer can expect during the duct cleaning.

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Returning to finish a job is very important. In order to ensure we don't miss a return visit needed we created a Zap that sends an email notification to our dispatch team each time a key word is typed in the invoice summary by our technicians.

1) Choose App "webhooks by Zapier" and choose the trigger "catch hook"

2) Create rule to only continue if... and select the app "Filter by Zapier" on the filters put "invoice summary" "text contains" and your word choice. repeat this step with the "or" function to accommodate each possible invoice summary word that may indicate a return is needed. (some words: need to return, need to come back, return needed, must return etc).

3) Last step is to create a send email to the dispatch team. Choose your preferred email app. Select who will be receiving the emails and ensure the smart fields are in them email subject and body. (such as customer information, job number and link to the job where the return was notated.)

p.s. If you prefer Service Titan tasks there can also be a task created for your employees instead of an email to add another layer of protection and accountability.

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@Josh Crouch? We have exciting news. Soon we will have some great videos covering some example Zaps. We are also migrating from a CLOSED Beta to an OPEN Beta which will allow customers who have API Access and Zapier to start using the application.

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Hi! We do have documentation on the integration, please reference this here- https://docs.servicetitan.com/

Hope it helps!

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I cant locate the service titan 2.0 zap referenced in zapier integration video?? Am I missing something? Tried copy and paste and multiple searches for it. All i see is the old service titan zap