I'm so happy to be back!!

Hello Everyone!! So happy to be back here. I am happy to announce I accepted a new position with the Chicken Lady at Operations Excellence LLC. I'm so ready to connect with all my former community Titans!

MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Idea to vote on!

Warning notifications for when the office is completing a form, but they miss a required field. It would be great to have the same notification that the technicians receive "Form Not Completed" and the options to continue, or go back to the form. htt...

espielman by New Contributor II
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Titan not working on iPhone browser

 So I try to do some work from my iPhone just checking in things and everytime the website refreshes then crashes. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a fix in place ?

Mkowal by New Contributor
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Red dot Notification on Task Icon

What is the red dot notification on the task icon? Mine has a 1 in it. I have clicked on all the drop down options under task and it won't go away. I'm sure I am missing something important. : )

MelissaG20 by New Contributor II
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Calling out and it's ringing in with a call bubble

We have one person in our office that when she calls out, it rings in to the office with a call bubble. She is still getting connected to the customer, but it's becoming an annoying problem and it's creating a lot of abandon calls.We have made sure h...

DogMom by New Contributor
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Company Logo on booking confirmation emails

Anyone else have issues with the way it shows up in Outlook? Our logo does not load at all and I tested on three different computers/locations/and antivirus. The logo shows up fine if it is on a phone, or the webmail version of Office365 Outlook, and...

samkliebert by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Ember sessions

Currently doing the Ember sessions, Having an issue where things that have been are not being accounted for. Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve it?Example: To get a certain amount of points 80% of Techs need to have a picture and bio. T...

KRH1228 by New Contributor
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Aspire Certification

Is there any certification in Aspire such as Quickbooks Proadvisor in Quickbooks? Or any third party vendor providing high quality training for Aspire?