"Chat" responses are taking an insanely long time and are incredibly redundant

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"Chat" responses are taking an insanely long time. The ST chat people are juggling to many questions at once and it takes us telling them 10 times before they can even begin to help...it is almost like they are buying extra time by asking you the same question 10 ways.   They are only making the situation worse, almost like there is a language barrier.   


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Hi @NicoleForbes  - Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. I understand that when you need to connect with the ServiceTitan Support team you are attempting to get an answer as quickly as possible so you can get back to running your business and serving your customers. Much like other software providers, our Support team does handles up to two to three chats at a time, all while researching solutions to your issue and your account. The chat support experience will be slightly different than phone calls as you'll notice as long as a couple of minutes gap in the responses as they're investing effort to identify the best way to assist with your request. I believe your Customer Support Advocate also followed up with you via email, as you requested. I do see an improvement opportunity where we did request additional information that you had already provided, we'll work to improve on that front. Additionally, we have implemented new system guidance internally that will ensure more prompt follow up on cases that are not resolved during the initial interaction (due to additional research/resolution effort/etc. needing to take place). This should prevent the need to follow up on open issues from your side in ways that may have experienced historically.

If you still have questions, please let us know. I appreciate your feedback, as it is a way for us to understand how to serve you better. Certainly our objective is to continue to improve the overall Support experience you receive.

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I do agree that chat is a poor tool to utilize to fix issues. The problem is never solved in my experience and just gets escalated to another department. I typically get a better response through emailing the support email. I clear my cache and put in the email that I did so it skips the emailed response of clearing cache first. Emails have actual solutions to the problem and sometimes come in sooner than chat can be completed.