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Is there a way to create a custom "from" email address and / or subject line for each alert email.  For instance, if a replacement job is sold and a "sold job form" is completed, I would like the email to be from and the subject line to be "We just sold a job" or something along those lines.  All of the alerts look the same, and it makes it hard to detect the more urgent ones and search for them as well.  Any feedback on how others monitor different alerts would be appreciated.  I am somewhat new to Titan.

Thanks, Brad Gress HL Bowman


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The alerts originate from ServiceTitan and are not sent from one user to another or from a user to a customer. The email address from which the alerts are sent cannot be modified. Additionally, the subject line reflects the business unit associated with the estimate. For example, if the business unit of an estimate is labeled as "Drain and Sewer Install - Harrisburg," the subject line will reflect this information as "Drain and Sewer Install - Harrisburg." Therefore, to alter the subject line, the name of the business unit must be changed. However, I advise against changing it solely for this reason.

I recommend initiating an idea on our ideas portal to gauge interest and gather votes, potentially leading to consideration for future releases. The proposed idea would involve providing customers with additional options to manage and customize the names of alerts, and possibly allowing for the inclusion of their email addresses instead of alerts@servicetitan. If you're interested in pursuing this option, please let me know, and I'll be happy to post it on your behalf.


Jaouad S.
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We have set up dummy employees in ST so we can have alerts got to customer addresses. Working well for us.

Jeff, thanks for getting back to me.   I am not understanding what you are suggesting I apologize.  Can you elaborate on that.  My goal is to be able to see at a quick glance at my email "subject" and "from" columns what specific alerts are in my inbox without opening every alert (i get multiple alert types as do many people I'm sure)


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Ah, you said "From" address. I was thinking you meant a "To" address and then you would know what alert it was from that. There is no way to set a From address that I know of. Alerts do have unique subject lines, so that is some help, I hope. Sorry I misunderstood what you were after.