Integration from CallTrackingMetrics to ServiceTitan

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We are hoping to connect incoming data from CallTrackingMetrics directly into ServiceTitan.   We at least want to capture form submissions from the website with the name, number, email, project description, and attribution to Google Ads, Google Organic, etc.  A new record would be set up when a call is connected with one of our people, but we also get data back when calls are missed.  We could set up new contacts for these as well to capture the attribution of where it originated.  

I reviewed a possibility from, but it's not as user-friendly as Zapier, and I can't get anyone from to respond to an email or phone call.  I was able to connect with Juan in support and he confirmed that there is no current integration with CTM, but perhaps another company has created something, or may have some suggestions on how to proceed. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi, @ccbackus, and congrats on your first post in the Community🎉

You're right, there isn't an established integration with  at this time. I've internally connected with the integrations team to see if there may be some suggestions on how to proceed. I'll message you once I hear from the team.