Zapier Automation - Create Project

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With our previous CRM/FSM software we took the estimate information and transferred the information in the estimate into a customer contract.  When we came to ServiceTitan we were unable to do it that way.  I was informed about Zapier but didn't have the time to dig into it. 

Last year our document program company worked with me to set it up and get it going.  The trigger is when the contract is updated and marked as sold, it creates a contract.  There are a few hiccups with it, if there are two emails in the system it creates two documents.  Also if my dispatcher creates an additional job within the project, a new contract gets created.  This is confusing because we have to look to see if the contract has already been sent.

Our process is - Estimate marked sold - contract created(Zapier) - project created(manually) - Installation is scheduled.  

I have tried using the Project as my trigger, however, I am unable to pull the estimate information in.  I added a custom field that can be updated when a contract is sent that will make it stop duplicating, however, Zapier doesn't see the field, unless there is data, and custom fields do not give the option for a default. 

I have then tried to create the project while creating the contract.  The project is created, however it isn't tied to the Estimate or Job that originated the estimate. 

I need some help with other options for triggers or even what I am missing in creating the project in the automation.