Implementing Barcodes

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Here's just an idea/use case of how we're implementing barcodes into our warehouse. 

I exported and modified/updated our warehouse template to include the information on this shelf label. 

I was torn about putting the Min/Max on there as it can change over time and even throughout the seasons but decided to go with it since it gives a quick reference when you're physically at the shelf if we're understocked or not. 

It further has both our pricebook code on there for quick reference as well as the vendor's part number in case we need to talk to them about the product that way they can look it up easily and accurately.

Placing the barcode on the label does 2 things for us. First, it allows the product to be scanned quickly without taking the product off of the shelf each time. It also gives us a constant barcode for products that may have different or changing barcodes (think PVC fittings that are the same but may come from different manufacturers with different barcodes).

I've also placed the bin location on here. It's rather small because it's almost irrelevant for us, but is still a nice to have.

Finally, and maybe my favorite part of this label is the PLU number. We recently purchased a counting scale for doing quick inventory counts. As is the case with the product on the label here, I have up to 140 lights in one bin and don't intend on counting them manually anymore. With the counting scale I can tare out the weight of the bin they're in, place them on the scale, enter the PLU I programmed in and get an exact number of lights in the bin. I have about 50 products in my warehouse that I count with my counting scale and being able to quickly see the PLU number is a major time saver.

In order to make these labels, I used Avery's template feature on their website for the Presta 94205 and purchased these from amazon. 

It took some work to get my spreadsheet accurate since ST doesn't export all of the information I have here in one spreadsheet, I had to do some manual merging, but it was worth it. IMG_6913.jpegIMG_6912 Large.jpeg


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@codybumpus  late to the party , but appreciate your workflow on this. Do you have any plans to label individual parts? If so, perhaps you would want to vote on an idea submitted by our team?

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About to take the plunge - is it all manual entry or is there any bulk uploading?  Any other tips would be appreciated.

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Hi @codybumpus

Thank you for sharing this workflow of implementing barcodes into the warehouse with us.