Inventory - Purchase Order Visibility

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Does anyone know a work around to everyone in the office side have availability to see the purchase orders? This gives full visibility to every employee on how much money I am spending on what product and I think we all know employees cannot handle that information well.. This causes very awkward conversations with clients/employees and should DEF be a permission access on the backend. If they aren't allowed to see cost they actually shouldn't  be able to see cost... 


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Agreed! The specific enhancement request for this desired permission exists within the Idea portal here.

"Create permission to hide purchase order costs on invoices"

Thanks for your input, Lydia! 🙂

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi, I do not know of a permission that can hide that sorta information but I would love to see this as a permission and I do think that there should be more in depth permissions that block very specific aspects to Service Titan. The other post "'Access Settings' Permission on employee accounts is too relaxed" discussed some of these issues the other day which I think was well received by the community and I think they have an idea for the more specific permissions we all want which I have LINKED below. If it isn't exactly what you are thinking feel free to post an idea to the ideas section and link it so we can go upvote it as well!