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I feel as though the inventory is often times overlooked in many ways. Although tracking and managing it is easily chaotic, and hard to keep track of. I realize there is a way to do it through service titan. However, the reason I am trying to pitch this concept is because of the simplicity of the idea.


When you see the tabs on the technician side you generally see the following:






The idea I had envisioned, was to add another tab labeled "Materials" or "Resupply" or even both. Materials to be used for materials used on the job, then that other tab named Resupply, for technician to freely order truck stock they know they need. The idea is to make this function as user friendly as possible for the technicians. As they generally do the work in the field, and don't want headaches when requesting supplies for their truck. The functions should include being able to setup an email these resupply orders get sent to, of the companies choosing, whether it be a supply house, or their own warehouse email. Then in house operations take care of the rest.

The layout of these tabs should include materials listed with check marks, followed by quantities desired. With a small picture/description of the items. I feel as though this will be the easiest to navigate for the technicians.

If you agree thumbs up so Service Titan sees the Feedback and implements these features! Thanks!


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks for sharing your StevenClark! You can actually add this directly into our Ideas portal (the tab at the top next to the Community tab) so that this can be voted on and you can monitor any updates for this idea. Feel free to look through and vote on other ideas that you find valuable as well! 

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