Required Date longer then 30 days out for Purchase Order Types

New Contributor

In the garage door industry, the majority of our door lead times are over 30 days.  In fact, the longest lead time I currently have is 18 weeks.  I would like the ability to select a longer time frame longer than the current 30 days when I am editing the Purchase Order Types.  


New Contributor

Hi Jen!

You can always edit the 'required by' date to reflect more than 30 days out.    Then, under 'Sent', the Aging should reflect the proper required by date.  As far as making it an option for purchase order types, I'd submit an idea through the ideas section if you can (it may already be there).

Right now we edit the required by date.  I just love anything that I can automate!  The fewer steps my field techs have the better.