Receiving Material for inventory

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Every time we get an invoice should we be updating our inventory price list? Currently I have just been updating if the price is more than what we have entered but I update it directly to the item not the price list.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We update every time we receive a price.  If you use the inventory module, there is a setting that allows you to choose your costing method (settings -> inventory -> configuration -> inventory tab -> costing method) in case you are wanting to apply the weighted cost or primary vendor cost to the items on the invoice.

If you use Bills, then there is a toggle on the bill on the top right of the items that you can toggle on to "update pricebook"...then you aren't doing it manually.  You do have to toggle this button on every bill and it doesn't work if you are set up to automatically create a bill.


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