Tracking Rented Material/Equipment

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I'm curious if there is a way to track material/equipment that is inventoried but moves on/off jobs.  I have multiple portable air conditioning units that we will be offering for to HVAC customers awaiting a new AC install.  I would like to put them on a job as to place them on 'hold' so our sales team can know what is available in my warehouse, but am afraid that returning the unit will be a little messy.

Is there a function to track items like this?  I was just going to requisition them and then do a return when the unit is returned to my warehouse.  Has anyone utilized gps trackers/tiles in a situation like this?


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Hey there, I have a solution for you.

1. go to pricebook

2.Add in new equipment

3. use serialized area.

4. go to inventory tab and then use adjustments to create new adjustment

5. tell the system how many items you are bringing in and where. once thats in a little edit button will pop up. 

6. under the edit button add in the serials of each item.

7. track items to a worker truck or jobsite. 

8. when you return the rented item to the place you rented put in a inventory location called the rent shop. if you ever rent the same item it will already be serialized in your system. having an inventory area that is the rent shop will let you know if it has been returned. hope this helps.

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We could Really use this as well. Thanks for asking!

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Hi @AndrewMGen3 - welcome back to the ServiceTitan Community and congratulations on your first post! 🎉

Let's see if some of your fellow Titans have any suggestions. In the meantime, I did find this suggestion in Ideas and wonder if it is similar to what you are needing? If so, please add your vote!