Using POS System without charging tax


Does anyone use the POS system, but not charge Tax? 

We don't charge Tax, and to use the POS syestem, you must have a tax zone set up. I tried creating a zero-dollar tax zone, but that gives me so many errors while exporting. 

I have brought this up to support many times, but nobody can seem to find a solution. 

Has this happened to anyone before?


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We do not charge tax and use the POS.  Are you exporting to QuickBooks or Sage?  When you create the 0% tax zone, the name you enter in the Sales Tax Item field needs to be the same name in the accounting software. 

Here is a screenshot of the tax zone we have set up....



We export to Quickbooks Online. Do you guys do QBO? If so, did you create a zero dollar tax zone in QBO? Thanks for your reply!