Discounts To Services

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Has anyone found a way to apply a Discount to a Service and NOT to materials at the invoice stage of a job?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We made tasks called 10% discount, 5% discount, etc. and then you set the price to $-.10 or -$.05 and then make your quantity the total of your job. So for example if you have a job that is $500 and you want to provide a 5% discount, then you add the task of %5 discount that you created, make the quantity 500 and then the cost should be auto set to -$.05, and then it does the math for you! 


I like when math is done automatically then trusting human error to calculate the price discount!

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I might be misunderstanding the question, but couldn't you just use a discount task? It also makes it easier to track discounts being applied to sales as opposed to just modifying the price of the task itself. Not sure if that answers your question.