Booking Job on Completed Job

Good Afternoon all,I am having an issue and am not exactly sure what to search for. We had a job that was marked completed which is was not completed. It would not allow me to mark it as uncompleted. I was able to add an appointment but when I went t...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Download or Print All Jobs at Once

We are working with a customer who will need all of the jobs performed at a specific location either printed or downloaded. Support stated that there currently is not a setting where this is possible, and that each job would need to be accessed in or...

t_joner by New Contributor III
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Tag Alert

Hi, Would like to add alert for when a tag is added to a job. This would be very helpful for us when our warehouse adds "Parts Ready" and we are alerted in real time to schedule the job with a customer. We have tag reports set up to be sent out every...

Resolved! Permissions

What are the permission(s) required in order to review an invoice and if necessary, edit the invoice. This is for a user that compares inventory sales orders against PO's on the Job. Thank You,

mrlock10 by New Contributor
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Changing color for jobs on dispatch screen

Hey #YALL,It would be awesome if there was a way to change the colors of the job bubbles. Like it something was marked or changed to high priority, that the bubble would change to red - or at least an option to change it. I know when you tag it as ur...

Julius by New Contributor
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Technician's License on Invoice

Is there a way to show the technician's license number on the invoice? We do not have the customers sign the acknowledgment or authorization paragraphs, so we cannot include them in that portion of our invoicing setup. I appreciate any help you can p...

hannahpope by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Warranty Workflow Questions

Wondering if I can get some help walking through warranty tracking and invoicing. Given the hypothetical situation below, how would this be handled?The technician goes out on a troubleshoot job and finds a control board that needs to be replaced. The...

ccmx106 by New Contributor
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Capture Equipment Details on Closeouts

Our company is a 360 Painting Franchise... I have been trying to use the mobile site to closeout jobs onsite. I am unable to do so because there is a section after the signature requirements called Capture Equipment Details. First, we do not have any...

bashby by New Contributor
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New tag and Equipment information makes things more difficult

The new update moved the location/customer tags and the equipment information to a sidepanel on the right. It made far more sense for the tags in particular to be at the top of the page, where and English reader is going to look first. Tags that indi...

asodari by New Contributor II
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Technician assignment of Labor type

For companies that have technicians who's work would fall under multiple labor types, it would be a great improvement to efficiency if labor types could be assigned in more places then just the technician profile or on a completed time sheet. Ideally...

PStaples by New Contributor
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