Equipment sales presentation

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We have always looked at Equipment estimates presentations differently than service repair quotes. For one thing we make up install kits; labor (different than service labor), warranties, guarantees, discounts, etc. that you don't see in service quotes. Second Our distributors (Lennox, Trane, Rheem, etc.) will provide us with equipment match-ups with individual equipment pricing to give to the software company that we use now (Pricebook Plus) to be installed by them. We build the install kits, they install equipment match-ups & pricing. There are other software that does this. We are a Service Titan customer and are happy with it but a small company like mine does not have the time to make up all match-ups to be installed into ST and would like to see you guys understand this from a company or saleman perspective also we want to cut back on having to many software's which raises are overhead.


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I'm not sure if ST will ever provide these features but maybe one day. There is an HVAC sales software that integrates with ST though. I reached out to them and went through a demo. It looks perfect honestly but we haven't made the leap to sign up yet. It might be worth looking at for your needs.