Tracking leads not yet scheduled

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Is there a way to enter and track leads turned over by service techs for potential equipment replacement ( we don't have selling techs and we utilize comfort specialists )?  In some cases the client doesn't want us right away due to their schedule, etc.  I don't see a way to track this in Follow-Up.  There needs to be a methodical way to ensure proper follow up with clients.  There needs to be a way to enter the account information, show notes on conversations about scheduling the sales appointment, and have reminders for follow up calls, texts, and emails if they don't book right away.  


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

When the new call is booked, you can connect it as a lead to the service technician's job.  Outside of that, we utilize a form we created that we manually track.  Would love to know how others are doing it!

Miranda Melnychuk, RSE
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Thank you, Miranda.  I'm hoping to avoid a manual tracking method.  I hope ST has a tool I'm not familiar with that makes it more "automatic".  Again, this is not for an appointment that has been scheduled.  This is when a service tech turns over a lead for a comfort specialist to go on.  I want to make sure they aren't overlooked if it's not possible to schedule the appointment right away.