Adding New Task button at the top of the screen

It would come in very handy to add a New Task button at the top of the customer profile where the options for Create Project, Build Estimate, and Sell Membership is located. In order to create a task it needs to be in a job, but often times we need t...


I've had been having issues with the way the Invoice is set up. All job types have the correct threshold (which is something that confuses me a little still) but when the job completes, the invoice is at a different price usually a few dollar amounts...

Rome by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Display all Task items within a Group in Estimates

I'm looking to have a way to present to a customer an estimate that displays all of the Line Items within a Group. A single job could involve multiple rooms of a house, and it's nice to present to a customer a breakdown of each individual room. Curre...

Why can't I see a form a tech finished in the app on the office side?

We created a Titan form the technicians use to put in the property information. Once the technician has finished the form and closed the job. I can't see the form on the office side. But the technician can still see it in the app. Is there a easy way...

DOO509 by New Contributor
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Missing Invoice Summary/Task details

How long do your users have to wait for a STOP to be put into place before a service technician can close out a job. Job's should not be able to be closed out with missing Tasks or Invoice Summary. ST keeps saying use forms, triggers, but all they ha...

buzzneil by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Hello, I would really like when you create a form and when down loading pictures - that they get attached to the history on the job.Because, having that option to add photos to forms is great. If I have to go back and look at picture/s. I have to go ...

Automatic invoice emailing - send estimates and pictures too

We just turned on the feature of automatically emailing invoices. However this feature does not automatically send any estimates built or pictures that are attached to the job. So our techs need to send another email anyway if there are estimates or ...

ALockington by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Tags on Projects

I think adding the option to put a tag to a project, and not having to go and tie it to individual appointments on a project.

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Better location navigation under parent profiles COMMUNITY-I-1920

COMMUNITY-I-1920Vote up this idea. We manage large properties in ST and want to be able to view all the locations under a company at one time. We want to be able to click per say on the "locations" title and it opens up another page showing each loca...

Selkins by New Contributor
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