Invoice Summary converts to project Summary

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Hello.  With the new feature to enable Invoice summary to be required, we have ran into an issue with this.  Our electricians are unable to close out of the call completely if they choose the option to "do work later" even after the Invoice Summary has been imputed.  When they choose "do work later" it converts the job ticket into a project which in turn converts the Invoice Summary notes into a project summary notes.  This than is registering as if they do not have Invoice Summary notes at which case they cannot put them in ultimately preventing them from closing the appointment. This has become a common occurrence with our team.  Does anyone know of a work around for this?  We would love to have the Invoice Summary required, but it's preventing technicians from being able to close out after a project has been created.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

hmmm.... this sounds like a bug....We haven't turned on the "require invoice summery" but I was going to next week so maybe I'll wait now?!? Have you tried contacting support? 

Randi Thompson
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Hi @JustinC and thanks for your post! 

To my understanding, when the technician selects to do work later it is intended that a project is created as the second job will also be created later so the job is done. Let's also ask one of our experts @RandiThompson to suggest a workaround or put us in the right direction😊