Job without Managed Technician Time - Is it possible??

Hi! We have many instances where, on some of our smaller jobs, we sub them out and simply mark up that vendor bill, and so we do not have any managed technician time on the job. I cannot find a way to process this in service titan. I looked at using ...

Issues with closing out a job

Is anyone else having issues with closing out a job? This just started today (following an update last night). We get an error code that reads: "Sequence Contains No Matching Elements".

thaggerty by New Contributor III
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Inspection summary requirement

Hello! Does anyone know whether you can make a Inspection Summary or Report a requirement in order to close out a job? I can't seem to figure it out. I know you can add required fields but cannot find anything on this. Thanks for any help!

Removing Tags That Shouldn't Be Attached

For the last few months, when our installers complete any installation job, 3 tags that had not been applied to the job, suddenly show up without any interaction from the person completing the job. Inspection, Agreement Visit, and Home Sale Inspectio...

suem by New Contributor II
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Customer Name (Print) Box - Electronic Signature

We would like to see a box for customers to print their names before or after a signature is provided. A lot of times, customers dispute invoices because the signature given at the time of service is illegible, claim it was not them signing it, or th...

Techs can't see the Bill to address

Since the last update our Techs can't see the Bill to address. In some cases, they need to see it I'd prefer to get this back on, so they know. Any ideas if this is something I can turn back on?

sanders1 by New Contributor
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Can anyone help with a report showing how many callbacks per technician?

Jeanette by New Contributor
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Techs automatically clocked out for the day

Since the latest update, we are having an issue with some of the techs being automatically clocked out for the day when they mark their last job as done. Our company pays for drive time so we have the techs manually clock in and out, as well as dispa...

Office to be able to pause jobs Found this idea and would love to get it some traction! It would be nice for office staff to be able to pause jobs as sometimes there are issues on tablets/internet...etc...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Invoice Summary converts to project Summary

Hello. With the new feature to enable Invoice summary to be required, we have ran into an issue with this. Our electricians are unable to close out of the call completely if they choose the option to "do work later" even after the Invoice Summary has...

JustinC by New Contributor II
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