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We have only been using Service Titan for a year, so we are still learning where/how to find a lot of info.  

I need to be able to print a work history report for a client that shows job history at one specific location.  Bonus points if I can edit/refine this as I only want to show jobs that were completed and billable.  In our previous program, it was a very simple report directly at the customer/location level that would show invoice #, date, invoice summary, and total $.  Any ideas on where to find this?  Anything built from the report portal is not customer-facing. No company logos, headers, etc.  I don't want to have to build everything manually that should be easily accessible in a commercial-based platform. Needless to say, we're not super impressed with ST so far. 


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You could go to the search screen. Look up by job, type in the location address then export that to Excel. Then Clean up that report. It would have everything there. Quick and easy. I use that method a lot.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It's not report style but you can grab all the invoices for that  customer in the invoice hub and print or email them ..Accounting>Invoices> first filter by date range &  invoice total, hit apply then search by customer name. Also if you have the customer portal set up they could view the history there. 

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 AR Transactions by customer, and you can filter out the 0 invoices and you can probably add a completed status