Managing Permits & Inspections

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We have not gone live yet so not certain about the exact flow of everything. In our old software there was no "follow up" management built in. I am wondering if the follow up feature is the best way to keep up with permits and inspections in ST. If so, is there a recommended workflow?

What we did in our old software worked well. It went like this ... one person was in charge of pulling the permit. Once they pulled the permit a "job" was created under that client as a job type named "open permit". This job was then assigned to a technician we named "Permits/Inspections". Then when our office person processed the install ticket when the job was complete, the job type "open permit" got changed to "set up inspection". Someone was in charge of scheduling them with the homeowner and the city. Once they scheduled it, they would move it to the scheduled day and change the job type to "scheduled inspection". That office person then had the responsibility of always looking at the next day to see what inspections were scheduled and make reminder calls to the clients the day before. Then once the green tag was received we closed the job.

We were always able to see or print out all open permits, inspections that need to be schedule, and scheduled inspections.

Does anyone have a recommended way to track this process in ST?

Thank you and you will probably be seeing a lot of questions from me!

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We use Trello to track permits and inspections

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I bet there is a zapier integration for that too! From Titan into Trello and vice versa

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We are in the same boat. We have tried workaround with using tags in ST, but it isn't what we are looking for. Like Mike above, we are tracking permits separately on a spreadsheet.

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One thing we have realized is that ST is not designed for companies that do larger projects/multi day projects. At least not in reality.

We keep track of permits separately from ST. I don't know how you are set up but our dispatcher keeps track of permits needed, if we need to return to clean up after street is patched etc. Our production is fairly high between plumbing and heating so we hired someone whose only job is to secure permits.

When a job sells and email goes out to the dispatcher, myself (plumbing ops) or my counterpart in HVAC, our AR/AP, and our permit person, and the tech who sold the job. It asks, the tech about materials needed, Permit, and estimated number of man hours and how many installers are needed.

We have job folders for our larger jobs on a board on a wall with their various stages. Sold, has permit, in progress, needs inspection, etc. As the folder moves down the board it moves along with the stages of completion.

YMMV but we are 100 employees and we have developed our own work around for where ST is lacking.