workflow to move equipment

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Looking for workflow to move a piece of equipment to a new location. SAME owner. Client moves and wants us to uninstall at old house & reinstall at new location. I'm thinking best thing is just one job and editing the location address after the move since there is no equip left at the 1st location. How do you folks handle this?


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@ErikaF - I've never had to deal with this where we are, but I would imagine since the work history is for the equipment itself and not the home, could you just merge the location with the new customer profile to pull over all work history and equipment information? If this works for your workflow, this would seem to be the easiest way of transfer. Hope this helps.

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We have never had this request before. You could change the address, but to me that would blur the history of the location.

If this were one of our customers, we would create a new customer with the new location. We would then create a job to uninstall the system from the 1st location (location A) and put all time & material to uninstall the system to that job. You could change the "Bill To" to the new customer. Then we would create another job to install the same unit in the new location (location B) and apply time & material for the installation. I would then add notes to the equipment in location A indication it was moved to location B and do the same for equip. in location B to indicate where they came from. 

Another option would be to add another location for the same customer, but I would still create two jobs for each location. That will keep accurate history for each individual location.