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We are excited to announce the BETA  release of Marketing Pro - Ads Optimizer, a new campaign optimization tool - powered by Titan Intelligence -  that  leverages audience and revenue data in ServiceTitan and automatically feeds it into Google Ads and other connected ad platforms. 

Ads Optimizer enriches data used by these ad platforms and optimizes campaigns towards true revenue to drive higher ROI.  What does this mean for your business?

  • Transparency in your digital ad spend - Visibility into which ad campaigns are actually driving revenue and which ones are wasted spend.
  • More, higher quality leads - You can scale your digital ad operations and generate more quality  leads with higher average order value.
  • Lower cost per lead - No more wasted ad spend on campaigns that don’t convert to sales and revenue
  • Optimization made easy -  Included features like  Call Extension Management and Capacity Awareness make  managing  campaign optimization easier - no matter what size of business you have.

Our early group of 12 closed beta customers who have been using Ads Optimizer over the past year have seen incredible results: 

  • 2.9x Google Ads budget ROI
  • 45x ROI on cost of Optimizer
  • 38% reduction of cost-per-lead
  • 60% increase in average order size

Free Trial Offer

UPDATED: From now until September 4, every qualified lead generated by Ads Optimizer is FREE. At the end of the Free Trial period, you can contact your Pro Account Manager to continue using Ads Optimizer at a pay-as-you-go or discounted pre-paid rate.

Getting Started

Already a Marketing Pro - Ads customer?

Optimizer will automatically be enabled in your account starting Monday, June 26. To begin using Ads Optimizer, you must first complete setup of Ads Measurement (see Guide). Once complete, check your Optimizer page.

Not yet a Marketing Pro - Ads customer?

Sign up for Marketing Pro - Ads or upgrade your existing account to a plan that includes Ads. Your Pro Account Manager will then enable Ads Measurement and Optimizer in your account.



[On - Demand] Feed the Funnel: 6 Ways to Improve Lead Quality for Higher ROI 

Join Dylan Kessler to learn how your marketing operation can improve lead quality. This webinar will include information on Ads Optimizer. Watch now.

Beta Feedback

Let us know how Ads Optimizer is working for you! Fill out the form to provide any feedback or ask questions to the Marketing Pro - Ads team.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Is there a target size company ServiceTitan is looking for this Beta?

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hi Tim! Any of shop running Google Ad campaigns can benefit from this Beta. Once they have Ads Measurement set up, they will begin to see which campaigns are driving true ROI. Optimizer will then feed that revenue data into back into Google Ads so it begin optimizing for sales. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I love this! I just wanted to make sure the Beta wasn't looking for a specific size, shape or trades contractor before I went and discussed in my Sparks or Ember Sessions. Thank you

New Contributor II

The release notes indicate Facebook, as well. However, I don't see that anywhere.

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

@snwagner Facebook Ad integration should be coming shortly after this major release is fully rollled out. 

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