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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Welcome to the November Marketing Pro Update! We have a few new features and improvements rolling out this week and some coming very soon, so be on the look out. 

What's New in Marketing Pro


  • Reputation surveys now include time limitation for sending text messages: To prevent disturbing customers after-hours, survey text messages will automatically observe evening 'quiet hours' and only deliver during the day. Any surveys triggered during the evening will be delivered the following morning. 
  • Added to Settings: Review Response Generator - powered by Titan Intelligence: We’ve created a separate Settings section for the Review Response Generator - powered by TI, where you can turn the feature on or off. 
  • COMING SOON: Updates to technician name on review requests: When manually sending a review request for a job with multiple technicians, the inserted technician name will be the tech who triggered the request. When automatically sending a review request where technicians worked an equal amount of time, the inserted technician’s name will be based on who has the higher percentage of invoice splits. 
  • COMING SOON: Review reports in the Reports section! Stay tuned for more.


  • Marketing Pro template in TitanExchange: The Marketing Pro template is available in TitanExchange. This helps users, network owners, and tenants to easily share and pull Marketing Pro email templates.

Direct Mail

A reminder to all Direct Mail users, the new 6x9 postcards are now available as an option for both your acquisition and retention campaigns. You can review the announcement and information about pricing updates here.The Direct Mail Template Gallery has also been updated and now includes 6x9 postcards. 


  • COMING SOON: Ads Lead metrics will soon include more scenarios that count as a lead:  Soon the Leads metric in Marketing Pro Ads will include the following:
    • Booked phone calls
    • Unbooked phone calls over 60 seconds that aren't excused
    • Excused calls where the excused reason is set to Is Lead
    • Abandoned or excused calls where the customer booked a job within seven days of the call
    • Lead forms received from the API or Zapier
    • Bookings received from the API or Zapier
    • Manual Calls
  • COMING SOON: Enhanced mapping for Ads campaigns:  When a new Google Ads campaign is detected, ServiceTitan will automatically create a campaign with the same name that’s mapped to the Google Ads campaign. You can rename mapped campaigns in ServiceTitan and it won’t be overwritten by the name in Google Ads. 


New email templates and direct mail templates in Marketing Pro include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday - Home Lighting Discounts
  • New Year
  • Fixing Leaky Roofs

Fall 2023 Marketing Campaigns eBook

If you are looking for some inspiration on what campaigns to run, we’ve got you covered! Check out the new Fall Campaigns eBook with tons of email and direct mail campaign templates to choose from. 

Webinar On-Demand - Leads to Loyalty: Creating Your 2024 Marketing Plan

In today's tightened economy, devising a robust marketing plan has become more essential than ever for your home services business. While new customer acquisition remains important, it’s crucial  that you tap into your existing customer base, reach and engage your memberships, and deliver on an experience your customers have come to expect.

>>Watch Now

Also check out this Marketing Plan series and make sure you are covering everything you need to cover to create your company’s marketing plan in 2024:

Revisiting Pantheon: Unlock Marketing Pro’s Full Potential With Insights From Top Users

Marketing Pro is proven to help businesses like yours stand out from the pack and some of our top users joined us at Pantheon to share their best practices with you. Join Alex Malone from Leap Partners and Randi Thompson from Bill Joplin’s Air Conditioning and Heating, along with ServiceTitan’s Sarah Ghirardo on this informative session!

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Marketing Summit - December 7-8, 2023 at our Glendale HQ

The Marketing in the Trades Summit is a great opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry and learn marketing in the trades together. Don't miss out on the chance to take your marketing to the next level. 

>>Register Here 

Tip of the Week – Reputation

If you already responded to a review in Google and then try to respond later in Marketing Pro, you will get an error message. Google only allows for one response per review, so make sure to do all your review responses in Marketing Pro!


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