Add Job Types "Verticals"

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We are wanting to elevate the idea to add job types and verticals under the Google Local Ads Service and Web Scheduler feature. Our company services are not within the typical Service Titan services and we would like the Job Types and/or "verticals" to be added for our company to be able to use the Web Scheduler. It would be awesome to be able to customize your own options for Job Types or Verticals so that they can directly apply to each company. A few of the ones we would like added:

Gutter Install

Gutter Repair

Christmas Light Install

Gutter Estimate

Christmas Light Estimate

Rain Tank Install

Leaf Guard Install



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Hi Jordan,
Job type mapping was originally created in alignment with our Google Local Services integration and was limited initially to the job types pertaining to available trades that Google Local Services currently offers. Considering that Job Type Mapping is becoming more prevalent in our leads integrations as well as the new and improved web scheduler that is currently in open beta, building out more job types for mapping is definitely on our radar and something we're planning to do in the future. 
Thanks for your patience.

I recommend posting this idea in our Ideas portal by clicking on "Ideas" above from the navigation bar and submitting there for other users to vote on!