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Some of my campaigns in Marketing Pro have a campaign cost automatically filled in and for others like Yelp, I have to manually enter each month. Are PPC campaigns supposed to be linked to Marketing Pro and auto-populate in the cost field?

I have about 10 Google search campaigns that show revenue received but only a couple are pulling the cost. I think I might not have some of the campaigns mapped properly. 




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Hello Jim,

My name is Charese and I wanted to follow up with you regarding your question about some of your campaigns in Marketing Pro having a campaign cost automatically filled in, and for others like Yelp you have to manually add the cost. 

I see that you do have your Google Ads account connected—with that being the case, the cost for any linked Google Ad campaigns will sync automatically into ServiceTitan from Google. This is why you are seeing certain Google campaigns having costs automatically, while campaigns such as Yelp require them to be entered manually.

As far as why only certain Google campaigns have a cost automatically populated, as long as the Ad campaign is automatically being synced into ST from the Google Ads integration under Marketing Ads, then we should be pulling the costs for it automatically from Google. If it's not syncing from that integration, then it won't be pulling in the cost automatically.

There is no easy way to tell if it is being synched on our end, but if you can provide examples of campaigns from your Google Ads that aren't syncing the cost, and you could provide a screenshot of the specific ad campaign(s) on the Google side, i can continue to investigate and take a deeper look into your area of concern. 

If you have any further questions please let me know and I will be happy to assist. Also, if you do have examples and arent able to add them to the Community page please let me know so that we can get a case created for you to help resolve your issue.

Kind Regards, 


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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi, @Jim_Owens, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I have forwarded the details you provided to our team of technical specialists and your case is currently under review. The specialist will get in touch with you soon to get more details and examples. 

Appreciate your patience and understanding as the team works to figure it out as quickly as it is possible.