Resolved! Review Request

We use Marketing Pro for our reputation management. I have a trigger set up to notify me when we get a rating of three stars or less, we always strive for 5 stars. I received an email stating that the helper that was on the job received three stars, ...

debbiegi by New Contributor
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Resolved! Customer Name Formatting in Marketing Pro

Hello ServiceTitan Community! We are running into an issue with how we store names in ServiceTitan and would love your help. At our company, we store customer names in a Last Name, First Name format and this is causing problems with our Marketing Pro...

bradsd by New Contributor II
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Marketing Pro Product Team On site Visit For Sacramento

Hi Marketing Party People,We have a few Marketing Pro Product Team members who will be in Sacramento, CA next Thursday, November 17.We would love to visit your shop for an on-site and talk marketing with two shops in the Sacramento area. (Who knows i...

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Quick Design Feedback : Campaign Set-up

Hi folks! The Experience Design team has a super quick idea to test (2 minutes) Thanks for your continued help!Imagine you are creating a campaign and you need to automatically send welcome emails every time someone becomes a customer. link to the pr...

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Tag Triggering

( COMMUNITY-I-1659 ) I'd like the ability for there to be a trigger for our tags. The same way that there are triggers for forms. For example, if Service Titan recognizes that we're visiting a new customer, it will apply a "new customer" tag to their...

heeaaath by New Contributor
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