Off Season Marketing Ideas

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At Lee's, we are primarily an AC company but our plumbing side is growing.  What are some off season marketing ideas that you all are looking into?  We are pushing facebook branding campaigns as well as pushing web-booking for quickly scheduling maintenance calls.  What are you all setting up for the off season?


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There never really is an off-season friend. Marketing is always working to prepare for the next thing and to fill in opportunity gaps.  @Tom 
If we were slow it can be related to the economy, it can be related to our inconsistency in messaging and it can be related to the weather, so many can 🐝's can cause an off-season. But our goal is to look for the opportunity in the problem statements. Consumer spending went from 1.8% to 1.0%, this is full of opportunities for the trades.

In general, I would work to create a consistent annual strategy, that can and will have multiple iterations.
Here are some of my brain thoughts:

  • I would want to make sure all members are being served appropriately and rewarded so I would focus on nurture, retention, rewards, service, etc with this group. 
  • All existing clients that just had jobs completed would get an email, direct mail, etc with a referral offer.
  • All existing clients that have not had service would be placed on a newsletter series and be spoken to with value and nurture to get them to engage. Included in my drip campaigns would be offers, but not immediate.
  • I would look at all the data and see what needs more value-added content, like sales presentations, training, and role-playing, I would also look into technician data to see where we can celebrate the continuous wins of our team and coach the opportunity.
  • I would be looking into the digital billboard space and working on a strong community plan while building local content with my digital teams.
  • I would look into giving back to my community and geo-fencing the first day back to school and other events that have my demographic surrounding them. 

  • Social and video is where it's at, I would be repurposing content and strengthening my content strategy in general.... 
  • I would constantly be looking at my branding and the customer experience, it better be pretty remarkable in all ways... every conversion opp (customer touchpoint) deserves a sprinkle of remarkable.
  • I would simply  be innovating on how I can increase automation and efficiency while thinking ahead about e-commerce, performance max campaigns, map rankings, my website, learning web3, understanding the tone shift, where will we find the people, learning what a recession really means and finding the opportunities... basically, there is so much to do... 
    The crazy thing is that 76% of people won't take action on any points listed above, but hope this helps! 

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@thoward Check this out:

Also, do you already utilize memberships / recurring services to build revenue in the off-season?