Reputation Management vs. pulseM

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We are considering switching to Reputation Management from pulseM.  Has anyone else done this and if so what are the pros and cons.

Thank you in advance for you input.


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Curious if you made the switch? If you did, what is your experience of both?

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Hey, so with Marketing Pro Reputation, send, manage, and track review requests sent through SMS or email to give you more control over your business reputation. In Marketing Pro Reputation, you can also create locations associated with more than a business unit (BU) to help you engage more customers efficiently in building your business reputation. Also, you can send alerts to remind your team to respond, match, verify, and work on the SMS and email review requests sent to them.
Also the PulseM integration sends a “Meet the Team” email to a customer prior to their job start and sends a review request email when the job is completed. This helps you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Through mobile phone engagement, pulseM uses SMS, speech, and text analytics to create higher participation rates in customer satisfaction surveys— more than double that of email.

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@AHA_Jeremyd Ultimately, I would recommend you reach out to your CSM to get a demo with your Pro Account Manager. They'll be able to answer any distinct questions regarding Reputation and how it can work with your business as well as make sure it fits your needs. 

The bottom line is that Reputation is integrated with ServiceTitan so there's a better paper trail and data transparency of your company reputation when it comes to reviews. Also, while it's not the main function, Reputation also allows you to do low level listings management to ensure your business has accurate name, address, and phone number listed across 60+ sites that help contribute to search engine visibility and confidence in returning your business as an option if a homeowner were to search "HVAC companies near me". Rather than worry about incorrect data being out in the world, it'll make sure your customers have the correct information if they need to contact you.