Is Marketing Pro Direct Mail, Ads, and Reputation worth the additional cost?

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We have had Marketing Pro since 2019 and our version only has email campaign and sms messaging capabilities.  We've been considering upgrading to the full suite which includes direct mail, Ads, and Reputation management but it comes at double the cost.  We're wondering if having the direct mail feature has made much of an impact on adding additional revenue generation?  

We're an HVAC contractor and were looking for responses from other HVAC contractors specifically, but were also happy to hear from other types of contractors too. 

Hoping for answers like:
A. not at all,
B. not breaking even,
C. breaking even
D. 1 to 3 times return
E. 4 times + times return
and maybe a comment on how long you've been using direct mail and how consistent these results have been. 

Also,  provide anything you can share about the google analytics feature and the reputation management feature.

All answers are much appreciated. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @pbenavidez!

While I'm not a contractor, I work at an agency that manages the marketing for over 200 HVAC and home service companies. Here's my feedback based on what we hear from our clients and from working within the marketing pro suite everyday.  

Digital Ads: 80% of our clients love Digital Ads. Once you take away the CSR's ability to manually tag the calls coming in and allow ServiceTitan to tag calls according to the source campaigns, you start to see your true ROAS for each source (ONLY as long as its set up correctly). They are also continuously updating this feature so it gets better and better with time. Their new ads optimizer feature also makes changes to your adwords campaigns based on true good leads, minimizing any wasted spend. 

Reputation Pro: The clients that use this also love it. Instead of trusting your technicians or office managers to send reviews or manage other platforms, you can set up auto send sms and direct mail to all jobs, specific types of jobs, any customers without different tags etc. It's so easy to use and set that up that you can literally set it and forget it and it will do all the work for you. Clients has doubled their reviews on Google My Business in just 1-2 months using this feature.

Direct Mail: I would say most my clients only use direct mail for review follow ups and maintenance reminders. Anything else they would do through direct mail or traditional marketing they use other vendors for to get maximum discounts on other products. The ones that are using it talk about easy of use and that they haven't had any problems with the more simple requests. 

Overall, I see the companies that are using the full suite are the ones that are increasing their annual revenue anywhere from 2M-6M+ each year. The closest average I can give you based on this information would probably closely relate to D. 1-3 times return. Again, this is only everything is setup correctly, from campaigns to cost to audiences in each of the extra features. 

Hope this helps!