Tag Triggering

( COMMUNITY-I-1659 ) I'd like the ability for there to be a trigger for our tags. The same way that there are triggers for forms. For example, if Service Titan recognizes that we're visiting a new customer, it will apply a "new customer" tag to their...

heeaaath by New Contributor
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Resolved! Referral: Marketing PPC Companies

Do you have any referrals for PPC companies that are familiar with and comfortable using the Marketing Pro Google Integration?

clorditc by New Contributor II
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Header and Footer Templates in Marketing Pro Idea to go vote!I hate that on the premade templates I have to go and redo the footer and header each time with the layout that I want versus what is already premade. I would l...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Marketing Pro Emails Are Out of Order

I feel like this is more of a glitch then an idea. Nothing else in ST is listed this way, it is all newest first, but not Marketing Pro emails! Please vote for my idea! on the...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Direct Mail Proofs

I recently sent a direct mail post card from Service Titan. On the address side, it allows you to put symbols/emoji's, so I put five stars and mentioned to check out our five star google reviews. When the postcards were printed there is five question...

carrie_s by New Contributor
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Analytics Suggestion for Marketing Email Campaigns

So this suggestion is based on having more in-depth data on email open/click performance in a 24-hour chart. After working with Maria in Support to help me look for the data I was wanting, we came to the conclusion that it wasn't available on ST, and...

24 hr performance report.png
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