Ability to Calculate Prices based on Job Tags, Business Unit, or other

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It would be helpful to have the ability to toggle technicians' ability to calculate prices based on the tags on a job, business unit, or other.

The issue: We work for both residential & commercial customers. For most of our commercial customers, we do NOT want the technician to be able to calculate prices, as every commercial invoice is reviewed by my billing team before it goes to the customer & payment is collected after the fact.

However, for our residential customers, we DO want the technician to be able to calculate prices b/c the technician needs to provide a finalized invoice to the customer & collect payment on site.


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Could you use pricebook categories to separate the two?  Each category could have it's own nested rules and visibility.  

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I think it would be nice if CSP rules had a business unit you could assign or restrict them to. You can at the moment assign client specific pricing rules by default to either residential or commercial customers but you don't have to. Since the office will be reviewing and calculating your commercial billing I would not assign a default rule to commercial customers and instead show your billing team how to assign the rule when they are reviewing the invoices. This would prevent techs from calculating anything on commercial customers, (unless we are also speaking about dynamic pricing which can run along side CSP but is geared toward flat rate). Then just have a default rule for residential customers that techs can use the calculate button for. Happy to clarify that more if you need!