Billing Templates Required to Move out of Acceleration

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Hi all,

In Titan Advisor, I'm seeing the following is incomplete. We don't use billing templates, I'm not clear on what ST wants me to do here, especially since we don't use billing templates, but it looks like until I have the feature below set up, I won't be able to move out of acceleration. Can anyone explain to me what I'm supposed to do here? Or is there someway to have this required set up overridden?

Required feature to be set up:

Review billing templates of active memberships

To recognize deferred revenue of regularly-billed memberships, billing templates must not include tasks that sell or renew memberships. This is set in your pricebook’s item Workflow tab. Run the Incorrect Deferred Revenue Billing Templates report to identify memberships by revised billing templates.

Success criteria: All active, regularly-billed deferred revenue memberships include billing templates that do not have tasks that sell or renew memberships

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

If it can't be bypassed (would still check with CSM or helpdesk) you could create a membership and review the workflows for deferred and realized incase you decide to go that route in the future w/ shell billing templates created (could be a future workflow).  We have faced similar issues in accounting and customer communications because of 3rd party integrations that need those features turned off or duplicates will be sent.