Dismissed Recurring Services Showing Revenue for Wrong BU!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Guess what? If you've been dismissing member visits and checking to "recognize revenue," you may wanna check your invoice because (if you are multi-trade like us)  more than likely - IT'S THE WRONG BU!

Learned today after dismissing a BUNCH of Heat checks that when a Recurring Service Event is dismissed it recognizes the revenue to the BU that SOLD THE MEMBERSHIP, not the BU that is set on the Recurring Service Event. Example: If my Electrician sold the membership, and I dismiss the Heat Check, the HVAC Visit's revenue is showing for the Electrical Department!! 

After talking to tech support, the current work-around is changing the BU that sold the membership before dismissing the visit but that is NOT scalable! I've posted this in IDEAS too, so please upvote if you agree https://ideas.community.servicetitan.com/ideas/COMMUNITY-I-6814