Fix the Follow up for "Expiring Memberships File"

New Contributor III

Expiring Memberships: We have to set each renewal one by one because we have different renewal types and pricing for each of our customers locations. 

  1. There is no location address on the worksheet. You have to view the membership to know which renewal location it is. Waist of time.
  2. When you filter by customer name, it filters by the first letter instead of last name. never in my life have I worked with a program that doesn’t keep first and last names separate. And doesn’t recognize salutation.(Mr. Mrs. Dr.) So unprofessional.
  3. When you select a customer and hit bulk edit to set renewal, and then hit apply it returns to page one and to the very first customer in the report ignoring the sort filter I just put in. Very time consuming.
  4. The same as no. 3 happens when you select customer and hit bulk edit to Build Estimate. This is insane how much time it takes to renew our memberships.