10 month Service Agreement

We have a customer who wants a service agreement for 10 months their business is seasonal and only operates 10 moths a year. Customer has 5 locations, each location will require biweekly service beginning April 1 through December 31. Customer only wa...

Jase1000 by New Contributor III
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Membership Count

What's the best report and filter to see how many active memberships there were at a given time in the past vs. now. Basically trying to accurately see how many active members there were at the beginning of the year.

tnorman by New Contributor
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Creating Memberships

Wondering if I could could get some help starting a membership program which we want to implement asap. We have four divisions including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair and was hoping we could pick someones brain on how they started ...

James by New Contributor
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Membership set up and discounts

AllNot my specialty here. We offer a membership that provides a 10% discount on all services. We want to be able to cap the max discount for a single visit to the actual value of the membership.For now we have disabled the ability to show member savi...

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding Recurring Service at Sale

Hey folks,So, I'm experimenting with a few different things when it comes to memberships and these work-flows are helpful, but the first one does not appear to function at all. I have created an adder that is supposed to add a recurring service to th...