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When looking at estimates, there is no way to see if Membership pricing has been applied to an estimate or invoice without looking in pricebook for a side by side, line by line comparison in another window.  It would be great to see on the task or estimate level if the discount has been applied.  

If there is an existing estimate in the system and a customer buys a membership, there is no way to apply the membership discount to an existing estimate after the fact.  


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Hey Seth, we do have show member savings on printed invoices. While working on estimates, it should show as potential savings until it hits the invoice so everything on that estimate template, based on the membership discount settings, should should as "potential member savings" until it's actually sold and added to the invoice. I'd recommend talking to your success manager to have this feature turned on in your account. 

Additionally, this article may be useful to you:

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I understand that, and to clarify, if any given member has a job that is booked and you look at the job or invoice, there isn't any way to know if a discount as actually been applied to any given line item within the admin invoice itself at the task level. The customer facing invoice simply says "discount applied = $X". 

An example where this gets cumbersome:  A customer has multiple estimates, then purchases a membership.  Existing estimates will not apply the membership discount.  The new estimates do apply the discount.  If the customer had 8 different estimates, some from pre-membership, some from post membership, then moves forward with all of the estimates, the discount will not apply to old estimates. 

When you convert the multiple estimates into a single job it becomes difficult to validate what line item tasks did or did not get a membership discount when the customers ask if that has been applied.  This requires looking at the recently booked job's invoice, pulling up pricebook and comparing each line item task, one by one to see if the customer actually got every line item discounted. 

Does that explain it well?  Please call if you need me to screen share.