Interested in participating in a ServiceTitan study on membership plans?

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Hello ST Community!
I am a user experience researcher with ServiceTitan, and I work with several teams, including those who handle the Membership Plan features and the Mobile App for technicians (who are often the ones selling the memberships).
My team is currently interested in understanding how companies devise and sell their membership plans, and how ServiceTitan can support ideal experiences for these needs.

For an upcoming study, I'd love to talk with the people at your company who makes the top-level decisions on these aspects.
For example, the decision-makers who decide what kind of memberships to create and how they should be sold, and those who know what they want from ServiceTitan to make membership plans easier to manage and sell, and so on.
These could be the business owners, upper management staff, service managers, or someone else.
The feedback we get from these sessions would help us improve ServiceTitan to better fit your company's needs on Membership Plans.

If this fits your area and interest, I'd love to have a 60-minute casual conversation over Zoom on these topics with you or anyone else sometime in the next 2 weeks.

If you have questions or would like to participate, please email me at and we can get the ball rolling.

Thank you!


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Hello everyone -- I just wanted to post an update that we've closed data-collection for this study.
I've already run several interviews and finishing up the final one today.
Thank you to all who participated and shared your feedback with us -- I've gotten quite a bit of interesting and useful feedback for my team on how they can improve Memberships.


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Hello everyone!
Thank you so far to everyone who has sent me an email to follow up on this.
My team and I are looking forward to learning more about how companies handle their Memberships and how ServiceTitan can better meet those needs. I've already had a few conversations with, and the feedback has been pretty interesting and informative!

I still have a few slots available for this study -- if you'd like to provide us feedback to help us help you better, please reach out to me and we can put something on our schedules!