Membership Discounts not working via Recurring Service Invoice Template

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We have discount setup in memberships via Categories. Works just fine if our techs manually add an item in that category to the customers invoice. However, if the item is added via the recurring service template (example a seasonal Heat Check), it does not apply the discount. It keeps it at full price. Has anyone experienced this? No reason it should not be working via the recurring invoice template, as it is the SAME item, in the SAME category, that works manually. Not getting much help via support. Very frustrated.


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We had the same issue, worked with multiple people from ServiceTitan for about a year to try to figure out how a discount can be applied when office staff sells memberships. We figured out a way that works flawlessly so far.

Create a membership specifically for the discount. When you create is set the discount category to all of your memberships. We also have a tag that gets added to the customer profile when this task is added to a membership, that shows they have a membership discount.

Here are the settings from our discount membership; 
NAME: 10% Membership Discount
TAGS: 10% Discount on Membership
DURATION & BILLING: Ongoing - Annual
LOCATION: Single Location
CategoryDiscount Amount
Maintenance Agreements10%
Cleaning & Maintenance10%
Let me know if you have any questions and I hope this helps 😁