Upgrading Membership Invoice Tasks

We have the option for a customer to upgrade membership A to membership B at any point in time during the membership A contract term. We are trying to create an "upgrade membership" task that technicians can add to the invoice that reflects the price...

Alyssa by New Contributor III
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Membership potential savings

Hello,The potential member saving should not be a feature to non members and let me exhaling why. If we sell a 3000 job, and apply a discount of $100 it will show (all hypothetical btw) $3000 -$100 with a "potential mem" savings of $189. Customer see...

DavidBuky by New Contributor
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Resolved! Member Savings on Estimates

I can't figure out why some of these items show a member price and some don't. We only discount service business units with the membership. This estimate is in the sales business unit. All the items have "allow discounts" checked in the pricebook. Th...

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JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Max discount for members

We want our member discount to max out at $500. How do we do that? Right now it's only a % and on a large job the member discount is much larger than we want. We did turn on the discounts and fees setting as recommended but I don't see how that conne...

jamied by Contributor
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