Membership set up and discounts

AllNot my specialty here. We offer a membership that provides a 10% discount on all services. We want to be able to cap the max discount for a single visit to the actual value of the membership.For now we have disabled the ability to show member savi...

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Discounts on Membership Invoices

The fact that you can't add another non-membership line item in a membership invoice (if you do "Sell Membership") is weird. But if you export the invoice and do an adjusted invoice you can... ?? Anyone else know a way around this? We can't change th...

mableryl by New Contributor
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Membership "Compounding" Credit

Our team is launching our membership program and is finally ironing out the details. One of the components we'd like to over to customers is a compounding credit for each year in the program. For example, after each year of being a member - they rece...

josheaton by New Contributor II
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I might be missing something super simple here, but my mind is drawing a blank. We waive our dispatch/diagnostics fee for memberships...on our job types we automatically have these services attached to our repair jobs. How do we make it so that these...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Upgrading Membership Invoice Tasks

We have the option for a customer to upgrade membership A to membership B at any point in time during the membership A contract term. We are trying to create an "upgrade membership" task that technicians can add to the invoice that reflects the price...

Alyssa by New Contributor III
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Membership potential savings

Hello,The potential member saving should not be a feature to non members and let me exhaling why. If we sell a 3000 job, and apply a discount of $100 it will show (all hypothetical btw) $3000 -$100 with a "potential mem" savings of $189. Customer see...

DavidBuky by New Contributor
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