Membership Duration on Customer Invoice

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How do we need to set up invoicing to show the Membership Duration on the customer facing invoice? Our previous operating system would show (Example: 3/4/2024 thru 3/3/2025) the membership duration. How do we get this to show up? I have just adjusted our memberships to be 12 months fixed Annual in hopes that it might show the next billing date but it doesn't look like that helped.


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I did want to jump in here and provide a quick update on your question. As of right now we do not have the capability to include the dates automatically. I do understand this may be something that you are really wanting to have access to therefore I did create this New Idea  on our Community page, if you could please go vote on it and have your office users vote on it as well. 

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Thank you for reaching out. One of our product experts will be in touch shortly by email to further assist you. (#STEmployee)

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Our company would like that functionality as well.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Hi!  I have the same question as well.  

Thanks so much!