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Our team is launching our membership program and is finally ironing out the details.  One of the components we'd like to over to customers is a compounding credit for each year in the program.  For example, after each year of being a member - they receive 100 dollars as a credit to use on a future invoice. 

I'd love if this could be a credit on the account, but I'm thinking that might be difficult to create within the membership workflow.  Perhaps a coupon code or something?  Any ideas?  

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

If you have set memberships you could use the invoice templates to add the monthly credit (I'd map to a different GL then other deferred and realized revenue accounts to separate those liabilities) and they can either apply to existing repairs or let it build up as a credit for specific services ie installs, equipment etc.  We don't currently use this process but have toyed with the idea.  Not sure about the point system mentioned above but that may be an option as well.  We have a membership specialist position that would have been the person to follow-up on balance request and option discussion for using that credit.   Could have a report with that task by customer for those conversations and potential out bounding when that credit reaches a certain point.  Hope this is helpful, good luck on this process. 

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Thanks Steven!

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ST does have a points system available.  I cannot remember what it is called, but it allows you to have points that your members can earn.  You set up how many points equal how many dollars.  I tried it several years ago when it was still in earlier development and it didn't work for us then.  But again, they were in early development and we were doing something that was a little more complicated than it was made to do.  

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Copy Scott, we'll check this out if the other option doesn't work