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Hey everyone,

I can't seem to figure this out...

I need help setting this up: We want to offer one free surge protector with each membership purchase. I can create a category and apply a 100% discount to it, but this would make all surge protectors free. How can we set it up so only the first surge protector is free, and any additional ones are charged at the regular membership price?


Amber van Berkel
Office Manager
Vision Overhead Doors Ltd.

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I agree with JaclynR23.  Create a discount and apply as needed.  You would likely be able to track this better as well. 

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Have you thought about setting up a discount and just applying it to the invoice after the surge protector is added? That would help to keep all surge protectors from being free. I don't know how to keep it to just the first surge protector free other than notating the account that a free surge protector has already been given. 

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perhaps set up a tag for "Free Surge"?