Notify Customer of Automatic Membership Renewal

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I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but I know California has very specific laws regarding automatic renewal services. The customer MUST be notified before renewal takes place, to give them an adequate chance to cancel the renewal if they wish. Is there a simple way or even better, an automatic way to notify customers of an upcoming automatic renewal of their membership? I know the 'follow up' tab will display expiring memberships, but automatic renewals don't expire, thus, will not appear as expiring memberships. TIA.


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We are running into this issue too.  Has anyone found a solution or work around besides running a report of upcoming expiring memberships and then manually contacting each to communicate the auto renewal coming is time consuming.  Especially for us since we use monthly options as well as annual which will clog up the report.

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Following 🙂 

The best I can think of is to generate a report of active memberships using the column "from" in membership dates along with the recurring membership types and active status.

You can sort by "from" date and transfer all current recurring active memberships to an excel. Then just keep all memberships that started in the month you are sending out reminders for: all February 2022 dates, February 2021 dates, February 2020 dates, and so on. (*If you use "sold on" it may not reflect the actual start/renewal dates of the membership. That is why "from" is better.*)

Our annually paid memberships do not currently auto-renew, so I have not tried this theory myself. Just brainstorming.


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I agree and would like to know a resolution. For our set up, when they sign up we mail them a magnet with their membership benefits, a special hotline (tracking #) and hand write in their renewal date. Having an automatic way to pull a report of upcoming renewals and use Marketing Pro to remind them of their renewal date would be so  helpful.

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Great question. I would like to know as well.

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I also want to know this!