"Renewed" Status Update in Memberships

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It would be so helpful if once a membership was renewed, there was a status update that changed the membership from "expired" to read "renewed". This would also help us in our Marketing Pro campaigns when we want to send truly expired customers an email or postcard. Pleaseeee make this happen, ServiceTitan!


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @hannahel! It sounds to me like there is a workflow breakdown. When a membership is renewed, the membership status should be "Active" with the new expiration date. If your filters in MarketingPro are set to only send to expiring memberships in next X days (or expired memberships) then these customers wouldn't be sent campaigns.

It sounds like what may be happening is that your team is selling a NEW membership instead of renewing this existing one. Unless there is a specific reason for doing this (ex: you are converting all your members to a new membership type) I highly recommend renewing the existing membership. 

In the meantime, I suggest you add an exclusion to your Marketing Pro campaigns to exclude anyone with an active membership in the same time period that you are looking for expired (or expiring) memberships. Ex: include customers with expiring membership in next 30 days, exclude customers that have an active membership expiring MORE than 30 days in the future. This should take care of the issue you are experiencing! 

Pam Duffy, Powerhouse Consulting Group
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We do renew our memberships. When we renew them, we use a renewal task. That task creates another membership. The old one eventually expires, but is still listed as "renewed" (for reports it shows "renewed into"). The newer membership (the renewed one) is now active for the set date. This was the process recommended by ServiceTitan for membership renewals. Ideally, it wouldn't create another membership. It would just adjust the dates of the membership. But we have some customers with 3+ memberships on their file that's listed as expired. They were renewed through the renewal task.

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I know this is an old comment, but did you ever figure this out? We are experiencing the same thing. And it is tiring to go through and check them all.