Ability to combine multiple estimates

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I would like to see my technicians have the ability to combine multiple estimates within a ticket so that when the customer receives the estimate, they get a total quote for an entire job versus multiple estimates that they then need to navigate and try to understand without a technician present.

If this is something you're interested in, please vote for idea COMMUNITY-I-3115.

A good example is quoting a Good, Better, Best for 2 (or more) zone HVAC systems.

Currently, the customer will have to click each individual estimate and try to determine what they want. If they have 3 Zones, they would receive 9 estimates. All Separate. Then they may have to try to explain this to their spouse. Each Zone is a different capacity. What ends up happening? They either go with someone else because the competition's quote was les confusing or they need a ton of handholding to understand the estimates.

Obviously each zone would be labeled as to which zone the system pertains to estimate wise, however, most homeowners are not HVAC professionals, so understanding the estimates may become confusing and then frustrating. Or they select and sign the wrong estimates for lack of understanding which then generates confusion on the office/company side.




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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Scottie_Martz

Thanks for sharing this amazing idea!