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i understand when a tech arrives to a job he has a forms option and those forms attach to said job.


however the MY FORMS tab on the top of the mobile app is not the same, and they can only be saved to that techs device/dashboard   what is the purpose of these? is there  a way to make them shareable? attachable? as tech can only save and not send..  any help would be great  thanks


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

You can create an alert when a form is completed and have that form sent to the appropriate person.  For instance we have our Request for PTO form sent to our HR and dispatcher when it is completed.  This way a tech does not need to be clocked into a job to complete that form, he can do it whenever he wants or needs to .

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

The "My Forms" tab is mostly used for items like Vehicle Inspections, Time Off Requests, etc...things that don't need a job attached.

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I could be wrong but I think the forms in "my forms" are forms assigned to the technician, you can set an alert that will email them to someone (all forms come to me as traffic control then I send them where they need to go). If you want the form to be available for the tech to send to the customer it will need to be assigned to the job, customer or location.  

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How do you set it up so it automatically emails you? I see I can get the form to automatically email the client are you just putting your email as the one it automatically emails instead of the clients?