Task Management and Technicians/Mobile

Currently, everything I am being told says 'task management' can only be used on the office side. However, you are able to assign technicians to a task. Wouldn't it make sense to open task management up on the mobile side so technicians can complete ...

scottie_ by New Contributor
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Technician Ipad Display

Hello Everybody! We are having an issue with one of our technicians layout on their Ipad. When he creates any invoice or estimate, it does not showing prices. It looks as if it is too far over, even when we print. It does not show any prices for the ...

DanaDane by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Struggling to find techs?

I just listened to this podcast today, and it was so good!If you're struggling to keep your techs staffed, you might want to listen to this episode of the Toolbox for the Trades. Jackie Aubel interviewed Al Levi and Jason Kim. They share 5 steps to T...

by Valued Contributor II
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Inserting images in a PDF form

This is probably more of a PDF question than a Service Titan question, but I'm curious if anyone has found a way to allow technicians to inset an image into a PDF form? I've been messing around with fillable fields but have not found a way for a tech...

aha_jess by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Feature request: photo orientation editing

I've been using ST for about seven months now and I've noticed a quirk that could really use some massaging:When our techs upload photos using the mobile app, regardless of the orientation of the photo as actually captured by the device, ST will rand...

Truck Inventory - Bar Coding Support?

We need to get better at tracking truck inventory and believe easing and simplifying the technician portion of the effort is key. Has anyone been successful in implementing bar coding to handle truck inventory reporting? (Receipts, Returns, Transfers...

moor200 by New Contributor
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Required info needed for account

I am wanting to create a required "field" for the technicians, not just a form. How can you make it to where the technician has to enter the model and serial numbers and other key fields on the location profile? The simple answer would be to create a...

jroberds by New Contributor II
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Summary of Findings

Hello, we currently utilize a SKU as the way technicians are putting summary of findings on every estimate. With estimate templates we have technicians complaining about having to copy and paste their summary of findings into every estimate and it is...

barbara_6 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Viewing Service Titian Forms As PDF

We created a form using Service Titan's build a form to better help communication from our sales team to our install team. Creating the form was very easy. Sales team love it as it is supper easy to fill out all the required information to have a suc...

Butters by New Contributor
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