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Hey Everybody,

I have two questions that I am looking to get help with. 

1) When in the field using the mobile app how do I look at a customers info in our database that is "not" in my history tab? Example; I get done with my day early and I want to go help another crew, I know the customer name where they are but not the address. How would I look up the address quickly, efficiently, and without involving other people or being overly complicated. It seems like it should be an easy add to the mobile app. There is already a name based search feature on the desktop version, just add it to the mobile. 

2) How can we get the overview tab to display the overview of our day and not just one job? It seems redundant to see the overview of your first job but have to go to "all jobs" tab to see your full day which includes your first job again. In my mind "overview" means the overview of your day and "all jobs" would be a list of jobs for the week, month, or year based on a filter setting. This tweak paired with a search feature that includes customers outside of your own history would be amazing.

Thank you for any input. 


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I think if you have the permission to book jobs on the mobile side then you can search up customers and view previous invoices from completed jobs, notes, contact info etc. ... But not scheduled or in progress jobs that are not also assigned to you.

If you need to be able to view other technicians' or crews' jobs, for example as a service or install manager then I'd have the office assign you as well. You may also want the pause permission if you won't be the responsible person for closing that job out when it's done, so that you can get out of it and transition between jobs as needed. If this is what you're looking for then also be wary of dispatch notifications, there is also a setting office side that prevents those from going out multiple times if multiple techs are dispatching throughout the day. 

As far as the overview, I'm afraid it shows your next job only. If you have full view permissions then the all jobs tab will show all scheduled jobs, history will show you closed jobs, and follow up tab shows estimates from closed jobs. 

Hope that helps!!!